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�        Link Building - It is important to optimize your website linking structure by creating a rich web of interlinking within your website. Whenever it is appropriate, we will include links to related products, related articles, related searches, etc. In doing so, we ensure the anchor text is optimal and visible enough to both the user and the search engines.

  •          Link Building Services


  • Build link popularity to your website and gain authority for your pages

There are two areas that are critically important parts of the search engine optimization process that almost all web developers struggle with: content strategy and building up link popularity. What most people don't realize is that when you put effort into each of these components, the other will inevitably benefit too.


"The #1 most important thing to remember when trying to build up link popularity is that bloggers and other websites prefer to link to good content."

As much as search engines like to see new content on your pages, they also like to see new backlinks to your pages. This tells the search engine spiders that the content is not stale. Companies that are committed to keeping their website content fresh and developing new content have a much higher likelihood of building up link popularity naturally, which is the preferred method.

Optimization of your site architecture will also help give more exposure to your pages which can help with your natural SEO link building efforts. If your pages can be found it becomes more likely that other websites will link to your pages.

getFound SEM clients will all receive an analysis of your website's link popularity compared to other websites in your industry. We also have other link building services that can assist in the efforts of building link popularity such as directory submissions, links from bloggers and more. We like to look at this type of link building similar to taking supplements for your personal fitness. Taking supplements can help if you are eating well and exercising regularly but they will not help much if you don't nourish yourself or exercise. As supplements to your natural link building efforts, we offer the following:

Supplementary Link Building Services

Directory Submissions  There are literally tens of thousands of directories on the Internet. For many SEO companies, the extent of their link building efforts starts and ends with submitting to directories. While directories can be a good source of links, they generally do not provide enough authority to use them as your exclusive source of backlinks.

Links from Blog Writers  Getting "in content" editorial links to your website from bloggers can be a great source to get more backlinks to your site. getFound SEM. has developed relationships and has experience finding bloggers to reference your website in their blog posts.

Reciprocal Linking  One of the first and most common types of link building was to exchange links with other websites. It's kind of a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" approach. This is not a service that we recommend for established websites anymore, but it can help a brand new site if done in small amounts and in conjunction with other link building techniques.

These are just a few of the services that we offers as "supplements" to building up link popularity naturally by frequently creating good content and making sure that content is found through good search engine optimization and syndication of that content. We also have had tremendous success and recommend integrating your content strategy with your social media marketing strategy..