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Website Analysis – Website analysis is a crucial component of any SEO campaign.  We need to make sure that your site is up to par in very basic areas such as site architecture, internal link structure, compliance with Google webmaster best practices, and the like.

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You want your improved share of the market and you need to track return on investment, visitor foot paths, and sales conversions. You need quick visibility to fine tune your marketing strategy and that makes Web Analytics paramount to your overall optimization success. You're disappointed with the less powerful Web Analytics software, and you're exhausted from the two month install of the 'Olympic hopeful'...Do you see the problem?

The problem is that you need powerful Web Analysis at a great price.

Follow the Money trail using getFound Web Analysis.

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Search Report:
Knowing where your traffic is coming from is critical to any online business. The ability to determine which keywords people are using when they implement a search enables you to craft your marketing plan to receive increased, yet relevant traffic to your web site. This relevant traffic means better conversions for the shopping cart.

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